Monday, January 3, 2011

Face of Destiny 1&2

Starring: Desmond Elliott as Pastor Paul, Uche Jumbo as Esther, Jim Lawson as Chief Dickson, S.B. Rogo as Chief Abass, Tonto Dike as Lizzy , Yul Edochie as Jessy,

Genre: Drama

Overall: What lies deep down at the bottom of Pastor Paul's heart is lust and the love of money. He trades his life for lustful desires, thereby ruining his only brother's life. Esther and her friend decide to murder Pastor jessy after raising allegations of rape about the same person. what do they want from Pastor Jessy. Are they the same murderers of his brother ?

My rating is: 20%

Should you watch it: This had every potential to be a good movie but alas Nollywood dropped the ball again.

Performance of the Actors: Ok the wickedness of Desmond was good but he got annoying after a while. Uche was of course in her element in the bad girl role. Other then that the entire ending of the movie was drawn out and unrealistic.

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