Monday, January 3, 2011

Rebound 1 & 2 & 3

Starring: Desmond Elliott as Kelly, Uche Jumbo as Nicole Van vicker as Dr Ross Murphey, Jessica Isiguzo as Kim

Genre: Drama

Overall: She did everything for a man once which made her lose everything, Her Job her freedom, her dignity even her face. Now in the USA she gets a new face. Will she also get a new lease on life or is she destined for dead ends and deception for all time.

My rating is: 50% will hold my last review until I see the end of this movie.  This reating has now moved to 20%.

Should you watch it: If you like convoluted half movies then sure.

Performance of the Actors: Ok I’m hearing that there is a part 3 to this movie. Considering how it ended there better be. So the funniest parts in this movie are in part 2 of Rebound. Part one was ok but really part 1 7 2 are completely different movies. Now seriously after the face reconstruction couldn’t they give this girl some make up? The most horrid pimple scars on her face. Van has never looked hotter in a film, I really like the square glasses look. And the lacefronts ugh! It looks odd when the dudes are rubbing their hand through the girls hair and it only flows to the sides because they know that if they pull that lacefront too hard it’s coming right off.

 Ok Ok Part 3
All I'm going to say is the that I loved the last 7 mins of this film and that was partly because it was ending. 



  1. Please where did you find part 3?

  2. Where is Part 3????