Monday, January 24, 2011

Makers of Justice PT 1,2

Starring: Nonso Diobi as Desmond , Queen Nwokoye as Cynthia , Seun Akindele as Kelvin, Sam Dede as Segun

Genre: Romantic Thriller

Overall: Desmond found true and lost her when he left to study abroad. Upon return as a dignified law  enforcer, he tried to claim is lost love who was now married to his best friend. He commits murder and other atrocities to cover up his wicked act. When he least expected it, justice caught up with him as the Makers of Justice stopped him in his tracks.

My rating is: 50%

Should you watch it: Good concept slow movie. Your choice.

Performance of the Actors: As we say in the Caribbean. “de bowy is playin de ass” Nonso character is stupid to not at least give the chick a promise ring. I mean really what did he think he was going to find in London? I wish that part of the dialogue was explored a little more. Seun if hot in this movie he has that attractive cute boy look. 4 years later Cynthia and Kelvin meet and it seems that Cynthia’s is still carrying a torch for Desmond. Dryness! That’s too long! Ok I’m 33 mins in to this movie and I have one thing to say to Nollywwod as a whole. Do you not think that we notice locations? This movie shows Cynthia’s dad’s hose with a huge lion face as a sculpture in the front. That location has been in several movies. Part two is a little dry long dragged out scenes that are kinda wack. The funniest art is when the barrister’s daughter is kidnapped and she asks” Is that my daughter you just killed?” I f I was a mother I would have been asking something else. Script writer need to get in touch with people’s emotions. Do you really think she would be acting that way? I think more characters development could have made this film great.

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