Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bursting Out PT 1&2

Starring: Genevieve Nnaji as Zara, Majid Michel as Tyrone, Desmond Elliot as Bernard, Nse Ikpe-Etim as Tena, Ime”Bishop” Umoh as Amos, Susan Peters as Ibiere

Genre: Romantic Drama

Overall: A successful business woman found no line of omission in her life but her two close friends did. To them she is not complete without a man. They set several blind dates for her; the outcome was not impressive. Zara decided to give up on love until the right man comes her way. asked her to try a last blind date she has planned for her, she was reluctant but gave it a last try. This time the outcome was positive. Love was knocking at her door but with challenges that made her shiver with second thoughts. Does she open the door to embrace new challenges of the real  world or just close her door and live her usual self-centered C.E.O life? Comedy and drama at your door steps.

My rating is: 80%

Should you watch it: Yes It’s a great date movie with your loved one

Performance of the Actors: I enjoyed this movie. Those who know me know that I’m a sucker for romance flicks but I believe this one was done in good taste. Majid did justice to this movie even though he line delivery needs improvement and what can I say about Ms Nnaji! Natural and excellent in this film. I loved Susan Peters in this film... funny, funny, funny I good watch a relaxing movie check it out.

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