Monday, February 21, 2011

Forever Young PT 1,2,3

Sorry I've been away my peeps.  I'm in school and working at the same time but now I have a mini break so here it goes.........

Starring: Jackie Appiah as Latisha, Kulsume Senare as Selimat Ellen Mahama, John Dumelo as Spark

Genre: Drama

Overall: Behind the lights of extreme wealth, glitz, and glamour lies the darkest secrets to a woman’s heart. More so the heart of a mother. She will bring down the heavens to protect her child and provide her anything she wants. But what is the motive behind such over protectiveness? What would the mother do to stay forever young? Find out in this suspense filled drama.

My rating is: 90%

Should you watch it: This is some of the best acting and script writing I have seen in a while. It kept me glued to the end.

Performance of the Actors: I love Jackie in this role it was a perfect mix of the outraged spoiled daughter and the “I want to be independent” young woman. As for Mama Kulsume, again another Oscar worthy performance. The fact that we felt that something was about to happen or was happening was awesome the looks I was waiting to find out what was next.

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