Monday, February 21, 2011

Dirty Secret pt 1, 2 - Sequel Little Secret pt 1, 2

Starring: Tonto Dikeh as Pandora, Muna Obiekwe as Cain, Maryann Apollo as Florence, Ajibola Dabo as Otunba, Artus Frank as Brian, Ejune Okerafor as Erica

Genre: Drama

Overall: Some people will do anything for money the biggest gigolo in town only dates older woman that was until he met the likes of Pandora. Pandora is a spoiled brat who gets anything she wants, that is until her Father marries a new wife without telling her. This sets off a chain of event that could destroy everyone involved. The father makes Cain a proposition he can’t refuse. That is when Pandora and the father Dirty secret is revealed. Shortly Pandora finds a new love but can the Sins of he past be erased? A must watch for sure.

My rating is: 60%

Should you watch it: I had to watch it twice to really appreciate what the script was trying to do. This is a subject that even Hollywood rarely tells. Give it a try.

Performance of the Actors: Frankly I wasn’t disgusted by it I have seen the edited and unedited version of this movie. Truthfully I think the scenes in the bedroom could have been better executed. I know it was meant to be the house if extreme sin but it was unrealistic. I mean really would they really be doing all that crap in their swimming pool? And how fake was the Step moms attempt at catching them in the act when it was finally explained in part 4 with her Kodak camera? I think it was the subject matter that deterred most people. Because either they don’t want to believe this happens or they want to keep it shut that it does. Either way I applauded the attempt again it’s one of those subjects that if Hollyweird(hollywood) was telling it they might be up for a Golden Globe.

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