Monday, January 2, 2012


Starring : Van Vicker, Tonto Dikeh, Evelyn Esin, Joyce Kalu, Amaechi Muonagor. 

Genre : Romance, drama, betrayal, money, sex

Overall :  This movie is about a love story between two childhood friends. Donald (Van Vicker) went to Canada to study and came back to the country and started looking for Chelsea (tonton) his long time love. They get married after a few unnecessary fights. Donald  father gives him an ultimatum to give him a child  or lose his wealth but unknown to him, his wife, Chelsea is making sure she does not get pregnant by having them use condoms and contraceptives. 

My rating is: 7/10

Should you watch it: Yes. You have to be patient  with this movie because the first part is very boring and I was about to turn it off when things started to get heated. There are a lot of twists and turns that i was not expecting at all . I will not give you any spoilers so make sure you check it out. Donald parents are just typical African parents. They want to know everything about their kid's  marriage.

Performance of the Actors: The chemistry between Tonto and Van is just incredible even tough they  force things a bit at times. All the actors played their parts incredibly. 

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