Monday, July 16, 2012

Please Marry Me 1 & 2


Starring: Yvonne Okoro – Anastasia, Prince David Osei – Nick, Roselyn Ngissah - Tracy

Genre: Romance

Overall: The winner of a raffle draw gets to spend one night out with the charming Nick, who happens to be a physician and also a play boy. Anastasia , a Pediatrician, unknowingly gets entered into this draw by her co workers who think Nick and Anastasia will be great together. Anastasia wins and spends a night out with Nick which changes her perception about him.

My rating is: 80%

Should you watch it: Yes it was entertaining enough

Performance of the Actors: I love these three actors from various movies they always tend to impress me. But seriously who was the stylist on this shoot Yvonne baby doll that wig weave whatever that was shouldn’t have so many hair pins showing seriously?? Worst hair I have ever seen you in but kudos on the fab purple dress.  The soundtrack for sure a step up from the normal.

PD( Prince David) what doctor wears sun glasses while working in the hospital.  You couldn't operate on me that's for fing sure. Playboy in the operating room  nonsense!!!!


Watch the date scene glasses in the night as well this man must be blind as a bat.

It's so weird to see a ghollywood movie with a dude that has such an ego

look at the name of the wine at min 27  "obama" seriously Ghana is killin me

 After that the movie gets soft and predictable.  The most realist part of the movie was the part when anas is drunk I won’t spoil it but at least he spoke the truth that most men wouldn’t even utter. 

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  1. I am so surprised you rated this high. This movie had a plot but it just fell so flat.

    The Sunglasses bugged me too. Lord! As in even when he was treating his patients, he had sunglasses on