Sunday, November 25, 2012

Deadly Affair 1,2 Ghanaian movie review

Starring:  Majid Michael, Jackie Appiah, Prince David Osei,

Genre: Drama , Romance, Suspense , Murder,

Overall: To the public they are the perfect couple but behind closed doors she was having illicit affair with Racheal, a photo grapher. Leo, her husband knew of their affair; he was silent about it but constantly gathered information on how to expose them. A perfect plan of revenge turned into an ugly encounter when Diana, Leo's wife found out her husband paid Racheal to kill her. A monster in disguised, so which of them can come out clean without pointing a finger. ( African movie place)

The first part of the movie  Diana is attacked by someone in her house while her husband is out at night having a drink with his friends. The second part explains how they came to the attack. Who was behind this plot ? you will be surprised.

 My rating is: 7/10

Should you watch it:  Yes, The second part of this movie is called Domestic Enemy. If you love a good movie with lies, murder, mystery you will love this movie although all the answers to the questions are not going to be answered in this one . I am actually going to watch the second part and review it.

Performance of the Actors: The actors plays their parts very well. Jackie always has some cute weaves on  and of course Majid is a cutie pie.  The movie is shot in a beautiful house and so far I really want to see the second part to see how this web of deceit unfolds.

Maybe my Ghanaian readers can answer this question why its always the same actors that play  the same role over and over again. There is only one mother in all the Ghanaian movies and y'all know who I am talking about.


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