Sunday, March 21, 2010

Across The Enemies Line

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Starring: Nonso Diobi as Conrad, Ini Edo as Amanda, Tonto Dikeh as Foxy

Genre: Drama

Overall: As the heir to the Gomez heritage, Conrad wants to uphold the family lineage and associations with the class and wealthy by fulfilling his death fathers wish of marrying Amanda, the daughter of his fathers best friend. Conrads latest acquaintance with the fiery, fierce Foxy blows more wind to the fire, causing a horrifying blaze and a clash of unimaginable proportions.

My rating is: 75%

Should you watch it: It was very interesting a good twist is revealed

Performance of the Actors:

This movie would have been good except for the ending after all the composition we don’t get to see what happens if they live happily ever after or decide to go separate ways . The additional 5 mins of film would have been useful. I would have loved Ini’s character to get caught as well. So far the wack ending my score went from 90 to 75 everything doesn’t have to be a happy ending but no ending at all is not a completed movie. This movie had the potential of being great and for once it’s not the actors fault. Everyone’s acting was good and believable. Nollywood get your editing down pack because I saw that sound boon in the picture in part 1. I must say I love Tonot's hair and makeup and her gear. For sure looking good. Ini your weave could have been better; the quality of the hair wasn't good.


  1. Movie lovers beware, this movie was previously titled 'Dangerous Angels'.