Friday, March 26, 2010

The Law is Blind 1 & 2

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Genre : Drama

Overall: Spoiler alert....This Ghana movie could have been very good. If it wasn’t for the disjointed story line and dragged out scenes. This story is about two friends who helped each other when the chips were down as life got better for them one of the friends gets married to the other ex love. All seems to going well until the wife is raped seemingly by her husband’s friend. The wife finds out she is pregnant and dies during a abortion. Her son runs away after finding out that his mother has died. 10 years later the son returns to the “uncle” and finds out what happened to his mother. The uncle gets caught and is sentenced to life in prison but during prisoner transport the son kills the uncle and goes to jail instead.
My rating is: 20%

Should you watch it:  NOOOOOOOO!

Performance of the Actors:  some of the actors could have been better the problem was the story and editing.

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