Friday, March 26, 2010

Fathers Blood 1&2

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Starring: Mike Ezuruonye as Mattew, Mercy Johnson as Olivia, Patience Ozokwo as Salome

Genre : Drama

Overall: Father's should do anything for their sons, but should they do the unthinkable and steal from a rich man? Well this father did just that and left a fortune for his son to start his own business when he grows up and paid for it with his blood. When the son grows older and is allowed access to this money how does he handle this hot situation? Will he become successful or will he spill his Father’s Blood?

My rating is: 90%

Should you watch it: Yes good movie and a good lesson learned.

Performance of the Actors: Everyone was good in this movie a little slow in parts but really picks up in Part 2.I have to say as a screen play writer and director and actor and singer Tchidi Chikere seems to have the Midas touch. Again my girl Mercy was great but really they either need to stop feeding her greasy foods or having her use proactive while on the set. She has a good face but I'm tired of seeing her break out from the heat and sweat and so forth. My boy Mike was holding it down in part 2 , As I have said before you have to make sure that your facial expressions are different. The "mean" look is so 60 movies ago. Nothing but love for the mother of all nollywood mothers Ms Patience Ozokwo. Please if Nollywood had the Oscars she would be the al time winner lover her in almost any role she has done.

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