Wednesday, April 14, 2010

LOVE & SEX Part 1&2

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Genre: Drama/Romantic comedy

Overall: In a camouflaged world where the true colors of a person cannot be judged, the act of combing through the lots to find the right partner becomes a challenge. When Paa got cheated by his girlfriend, he wanted to do away with his dejection by whiling away time with a prostitute (Naki). To his utmost surprise however, Naki was not willing to render the expected service but rather help him recover from his weak state of mind. Her gesture got him perplexed and decided to find out the true nature of the person he’s just encountered

My rating is: 90%

Should you watch it: For sure for a good laugh

Performance of the Actors: You know it was a low budget flick  I mean the cars that still has the wax writting on it cause it was still for sale and the switch from the HTC phone to the Iphone when it was supposed tobe the same phone these are things I noticed but everyone still acted fairly decent in this movie and I enjoyed it.From the opening scene I’m laughing because the girl is less than impressed. Plus really prostitutes having regulars I mean your open for business at any time. The scene with the bad dream is sooooo hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m glad the prostitutes use condoms and took a stand against unprotected sex.

Ok part 2 is just as funny the Christian intervention is too much and all to familiure. Remember my fellow bloggers render your heart and not your garment.

Hated the ending could have been better for a fun funny movie. But over all I like this story it’s an interesting point of view

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