Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Who Loves Me 3 (continued from Who Loves Me PT 1 &2)

Staring: Jackie Appiah as Chantel / Jasmine, Majid Michel as David, Kaluse Sinare as Akosun, Kama Brow as Grandma Jane, Artus Frank as Rick

Genre: Romance

Overall: Wealth and fame were hers for keep, but true love was hers for want. Chantel deprived herself of love; with a desperate and intended focus on her work for fear that she might die of a terminal heart disease. However, David’s sudden presence in her life was perhaps irresistible, and his mothers noble gesture echoed the idea of a pre-destined, perfect duo even further. But was this preset of a scintillating fairy tale, deserved of a happy ending? A consummate, gripping, captivating and twisted tale of indifference, agony, love.

My rating is: 45%

Should you watch it: Sure why not Majid's fake beard gets bigger and shockingly gets a life of it's own and Jackies cute outfits are gone.

Performance of the Actors:OK so I realized the problem wasn't the actors in this film in the end it boilded down to story line, production and editing.  PLEASE , PLEASE , PLEASE Listen all of Africa.  Please edit your movies.  Better to shoot too much film then not enough.  Part three's storyline was grasping at straws and when you see the last 8 mins of this movies you will see why.

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