Sunday, February 27, 2011

Crazy Pt 1,2

Starring: Yvonne Nelson as Aba, Kalsoum Sinare as Mama Cash , Prince David Osei as Michael, Kofi Middleton Mends as Almighty One

Genre: Drama

Overall: What would it take to have happiness in your life? Aba is in a deep dark void, one where feelings are put aside and your gender makes you a liability to the world’s demands. But a beam of light enters your life and you realize you can be more than this. Will the dark world she belongs to allow her to depart for the light?

My rating is: 40%

Should you watch it: Truthfully I didn’t really like catch me if you can and now this is a film from the same production stable. Great concept, poor execution. You can do without it.

Performance of the Actors: This movie had every potential of being great. I mean just look at the cast...fabulous. But what happened? Low budget? Poor production? Bad directing? It could be any number of things. Ultimately I didn’t enjoy and the ending was rushed. I say try again .

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  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog, i havent really come across a blog like yours, i find it quite interesting, you save us from wasted hours waiting for the good out of a no good movie! def following! :)