Monday, February 21, 2011

Implication 1,2 Sequel Above Implication 3,4

Starring: Chika Eke as Tina /Tonia, Van Vicker as Felix, Ali Nuhu as Eugene, Enebeli Elebuwa as Igwe

Genre: Drama

Overall: The original twins are Cain & Able. This story is about Tina and Tonia. Both started on the path of success but one went astray. Now the actions of one twin has begun to jeopardize the other. Can the evil one be good again before she destroys the whole family?

My rating is: 40%

Should you watch it: Ok I could say no it was way tooooooooo long for my taste but If you like these actors like I do you might want to give it a try.

Performance of the Actors: The acting was good again not the greatest but over all good. I liked the angle they took with this movie. But Nollywood really there was way too much story I kinda wasted my afternoon just to get to the end. It is possible that you could help me out and tell an exciting and concise story under 3 hrs?

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