Monday, July 16, 2012

Close Enemy 1 &2 , Seed Of Sorrow 1 & 2

Starring: Mike Ezuruonye – Chike, Chika Ike – Vivan, Leo Mezie – Nelson

Genre: Romance/ Drama

Overall: Chike and Nelson are best of friends who care about each other greatly. It came as no surprise to chike when his friend Nelson decided to sponsor his wedding to Vivian Upon being introduced to VIvian by Chike, Nelson decided to snatch Vivian away from his friend by enticing her with his money. Money they say is the root of all evil; will Vivian succumb to Nelson's advances and why would Nelson want to betray and backstab his own friend. The devil you know is better than the angel you don't know

My rating is: 87%

Should you watch it: YES it teaches a good damn lesson

Performance of the Actors: Ok of my best actors are in this movie and yet they were humble.  I love the acting of Chike’s mum.  All I can say is if that was my son that would be me. I loved it when Leo had an issue it really shows the ways of a man.  Remember some peoples trash are other peoples treasure turned trash LOL. Anyways without giving too much away please see this one it’s a good simple straight forward movie that will entertain you when you’re cooking something to eat.

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